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Empowering Girls for the Forum-Second Edition

15 School going girls from two (2) Schools participated in the second edition of the Empowering Girls for the Future Forum. Empowering girls for the future forum- is a platform that provides the opportunity for successful women in Liberian society to share their experiences, provide mentorship and help to guide and build self-confidence in young women to compete with their men for opportunities and become leaders who will play vital roles within the society.

Over the past decades, young women and adolescent girls have remained at a much high risk of rape, sexual violence and illiteracy in Liberia. Many women feel that their views have been taken for granted due to cultural barriers and stereotypes that surround them. Children are often left on their own to struggle in the absence of their parental love and care. Some parents are even reluctant to assume parental responsibilities when they know they are too poor to provide for their children.

The platform also seeks to break this barrier and give a new hope through the establishment of Girls support Groups/Girls’ Clubs in schools and the enrollment of girls into mentorship programs. Mrs. Vivian Lawrence (Finance officer/IDAD) and Mrs. Rebecca F. K. Tiah (Social Worker) served as Guest Speakers for the event.

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