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Over 100 Young Africans, Organizations Get Africa Youth Awards 2020 Nomination

Updated: May 16, 2021

As Youth Network for Positive Change Represents Liberia

By Mark N. Mengonfia-

One Hundred and twenty-nine youth and organizations in Africa have been nominated for 2020 ‘Africa Youth Award’ as Liberia is being represented by a local youth group, “Youth Network for Positive Change.”

Youth Network for Positive Change, (YOUNETPO) is a non for profit youth based organization being operated by young Liberians who have dedicated their services to advocating for fellow Liberians.

In a telephone interview with the Executive Director of YOUNETPO, Amb. Leo E. Tiah who himself was nominated for the Africa Youth Award, he said his nomination and the organization’s enlistment for the award came as a result of works done over the years by he and his team.

Amb. Tiah indicated that as a youth based institution, they have initiated series of positive youth driven initiatives to keep young Liberians in a positive state of mind.

He boosted that in the ongoing COVID-19 fight, he and his organization team collaborated with other institutions to take awareness to the doors of Liberians.

“We believe that our nomination did not come because we were seated and doing nothing. I strongly believe it is because of what we have done over the years for our country and its people” YOUNETPO Executive Director said. Additionally, Amb. Tiah indicated that it is important for young people to remain focus and do those things they have promised their peers that they would do. “You do not know who is watching your back this is the reason whenever I have the opportunity to serve, I always like to put my all into it,” he intoned. Speaking additionally, the youthful youth leader praised his team of workers whom he said without their efforts, he and the organizational would not have been recognized by the Africa Youth Award 2020 committee.

He used the opportunity to rally all Liberians to vote him and the Youth Network for Positive Change (YOUNETPO) adding, “We are representing Liberia and not me as an individual or YOUNETPO as an organization.”

Leo Tiah was nominated in the category of “Advocate of the Year” and he is competing with other young men and women from Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana, Rwanda, Zambia, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Nigeria.

At the same time, the Youth Network for Positive Change (YOUNETPO) of Liberia is rivaling with organizations from six different African Countries to include: Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Cameroon, South Africa and Zambia for Youth Led Organization of the Year title.

Africa Youth Award is one of the leading African youth awarding organizations which recognize the achievements of young Africans and young change makers in the African region and beyond its borders.

It invests in the next generation of African leaders, and to build the biggest community of young African leaders, and future African leaders.

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