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Youth Network for Positive Change (YOUNETPO) is a youth led local Civil Society Organization (CSO) that promotes issues around Education, Health, Good Governance and Environment. YOUNETPO has been in existence since 2014 and has successfully implemented projects in Montserrado, Margibi, Grand Bassa and Nimba Counties.


YOUNETPO is planning a two days Strategic Planning Retreat for YOUNETPO and applicable Board Members, in late November or early December. The objective of the retreat is to have all staff come together as a group to review the performance over the past three years, identify and digest the key lessons learned, challenges and develop a five years strategic plan (2022-2026) to guide the smooth operations of YOUNETPO. As part of the retreat, we want to conduct a SOW analysis of YOUNETPO, review current projects and Programs, targeted project partners, and the key areas of intersection, interaction, and inter-dependency across components and cross cutting areas. This will require all participants to leave their titles and ego at the door so as to create a safe and uninterrupted atmosphere whereby all staff and our board member can come together as a team, to collectively and collaboratively develop an exciting, ambitious, measurable, and executable plan for the next five years (2022-2026) in alignment YOUNETPO Mission and Vision.


YOUNETPO seeks professional services to facilitate a two days retreat for approximately 10 people to assist YOUNETPO to increase its organization effectiveness. During the retreat, YOUNETPO will discuss the broader goals, objectives and methodologies for the next five (5) years; review the results and lessons learned from the past three years, and then focus on the next five years, breaking down key activities, anticipated results, cross cutting linkages, and deliverables. The retreat will be primarily forward looking and include identifying potential timing challenges, resource constraints, and any other internal or external factors that could affect YOUNETPO’s operations and performances. The retreat will also include brainstorming on effective and realistic means of meeting targets, key milestones set out in the strategic plan. This will include identifying and addressing areas needing improvement, highlight the need and opportunities for better cross component coordination, and advance inter-organization working relationships.


The Retreat Facilitator will manage an onsite YOUNETPO staff retreat, informed by pre-retreat consultation and diagnostics through review of pertinent YOUNETPO documentation, key informant interviews, etc. The Consultant, over the duration of this contract, will complete the following tasks in achievement of the overall objectives described above.

1. Pre-event Data Collection and Analysis: This will include a review and analysis of the YOUNETPO documentation, including but not limited to the contractual Scope of Work, Vision, Mission, thematic areas, policy documents, Staffing Plan, Organizational Chart, quarterly reports, and Monthly Action Plans (MAPs). This will also include select staff and client interviews and component to gain a thorough understanding of the personal and professional dynamics within YOUNETPO as well as individual competencies and expectations.

2. Retreat Design and Planning: The Retreat Facilitator will work with the YOUNETPO retreat team to convert diagnostic information into a detailed retreat agenda with specific activities and expected outcomes for each session, in a manner where the retreat objectives as outlined above are met. The Facilitator may propose alternative structures and processes if they are confident this will lead to a more efficient and effective way to achieve the desired results. The design must include informal time for participants to casually interact and build rapport with each other. Thus, in addition to facilitated discussions about project matters, we want to see a measurable improvement in staff cross cutting organization awareness, understanding, and commitment to work collaboratively, including inventing tools where necessary to ensure this can be efficiently achieved. We also want to address and clarify the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of our donors and partners relationship with YOUNETPO. YOUNETPO will be responsible for all program materials, tools, games, equipment, and any other resources required to successfully hold all sessions (PowerPoint presentations, flip charts, markers, post-its, name cards, pens, paper, microphones, gifts, awards, etc.) Note working sessions during meals or an after-dinner session are allowable.

3. Logistics Management: Work with the Retreat team and the YOUNETPO Finance Team to coordinate all retreat logistics and preparations. Ensure all necessary materials and audio/visual equipment are available onsite and in good working condition prior to the beginning of the retreat.

4. Retreat Implementation: Be responsible for the management of the entire retreat, including on-site logistics, changes to the agenda, and facilitating the event. As described above, the Facilitator is responsible for creating a safe atmosphere to foster frank and constructive dialogue among staff, with an emphasis on identifying the key challenges and solutions to achievement of YOUNETPO’s five (5) years strategic plan. Part of this will require a clearer definition of project staff (and client) roles, responsibilities, and accountability measures. The Facilitator shall record and track key discussion points, follow -up action items and individual or shared commitments made during the retreat. The Facilitator should also capture the key points as well as unanswered questions from Day 1 and open Day 2 with a presentation recapping Day 1 as well as discussing the (possibly revised) agenda for Day 2.

5. Retreat Evaluation and Learning: Given guidance from the Executive Director and Board of Directors, develop, implement and analyze the results of the event. This evaluation tool will determine whether the retreat met participant expectations as well as capture impressions and perspectives that will aid in YOUNETPO follow up in addressing items that were either not adequately addressed or never raised. Lesson learned from this retreat should be recorded to inform YOUNETPO management on ways future retreats or similar all staff forums can be improved. More specifically, at the beginning and end of the retreat, the Facilitator will collect data on pre-and post-retreat attitudes of staff members to help the planning committee to assess the results of the retreat. Prior to the event, as described above, the Facilitator shall conduct critical pre-event data collection and analysis to serve as input for the retreat design that maximizes the value while minimizing staff time required providing that input. The Facilitator will lead a series of meetings/discussions with relevant YOUNETPO staff to further determine the needs and/or gather additional background information on potential issues and areas for further development to prepare the retreat agenda and specific sessions and activities. This may take the form of interviews or brief focus group discussions or other methods. YOUNETPO also anticipates the possible need for other data collection and analysis that might further support organizational development through the utilization of ‘temperature checks’ gauging staff views and experiences, for example. These will be outlined at the time they are identified. The Facilitator will also collect data/information during and towards the end of the retreat to capture key results and produce the retreat report as described in the scope of work listed above.

6. Retreat Report: Produce a comprehensive report on the retreat, which summarizes the findings of the pre-event survey and diagnostic; activities undertaken during the event; detailed notes from all sessions; the results of the post-event evaluation; and the key findings, conclusions, and recommendations for YOUNETPO management going forward to enhance individual and team performance. Such recommendations might include the design of mini-retreats or other types of all staff gatherings to take place between the annual retreats. The Facilitator will also translate the outcomes of the retreat into a five years strategic plan for YOUNETPO.

Illustrative activities include:

  • Icebreakers, games, or other effective edutainment activities for team building such as surfacing individual strengths and work styles, and identifying and strengthening shared values for organizational development.

  • Facilitated discussion or interactive exercises designed to surface ideas for strategic planning and visioning, improve communications within the team, define teamwork objectives that support the five years strategy, and help the group to prioritize among them and come to consensus.

  • Celebration of what YOUNETPO has been able to achieve; acknowledgement of outstanding efforts given several constraints; and how we can build on what we have created to further differentiate ourselves and advance YOUNETPO’s mission and vision.


  • In-briefing with YOUNETPO management and staff within two days after contract signing.

  • Data collection and analysis/diagnostic methodologies and tools for review, comment and approval within five days of contract signing.

  • A retreat agenda which will be circulated for review, comment and approval within one week of contract signing.

  • A draft retreat evaluation methodology and tool for review, comment and approval within one week of contract signing.


  • Facilitation and Session Coordination.

  • Provision of all materials, tools, aids needed to facilitate the session.

  • Day 1 recap presentation at the opening of Day 2.


  • Out-briefing with the Executive Director and Board of Director. The Facilitator shall prepare and make a presentation to YOUNETPO management on key results and recommendations. This conversation may well provide important insights and information that need to be included in the draft final report described below. The out-briefing should be organized as soon as possible following the retreat.

  • A draft Retreat Report summarizing all retreat proceedings, evaluation results, and key findings, conclusions and recommendations for YOUNETPO’s leadership resulting from the retreat within three working days following the last day of retreat. The report must also include an executive summary appropriate for distribution to all staff.

  • A final Retreat Report incorporating any edits and/or comments from YOUNETPO to the draft report, within two days of receiving comments from YOUNETPO. The report shall not exceed 10 pages excluding the cover page, table of contents, photos, executive summary and annexes.

  • Develop a draft five years strategic plan for YOUNETPO within 20 days after the retreat to be presented to the management team of YOUNETPO and for onwards approval by the Board of Director of YOUNETPO.

QUALIFICATIONS The Facilitator must present the following qualifications or skill sets:

  • Substantial experience facilitating organizational and strategic planning retreats for reputable organizations, especially Youth led organizations and civil society organizations. Prior experience with NGO/INGO/CSO

  • Demonstrated experience in organizational design and improvement, strategic planning, promoting leadership development, communications, team building, and change management.

  • Advanced oral and written proficiency in English.

  • An understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by youth led organizations in Liberia than Apply now

All interested applicants are encourage to submit a motivational letter, CV including supporting documents and draft work plan no later than 4:00pm, Friday November 18, 2021.

All letters should be address to: Ms. Rose N. Foboi

HR/Administrative Manager

Youth Network for Positive Change-YOUNETPO

C-298 Watanga, Montserrado County, Liberia

Application can be submitted electronically email at and Cc:

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